The Festival Partners & Sponsors

The Bradford Dragon Boat Festival is an annual, whole community, fund raising festival that supports Charity.  The Festival only happens because members of the community (volunteers or participants), businesses and sponsors come together, as a united team under the direction of Appeal Committee members (who are also volunteers) to deliver this outstanding and enjoyable fun filled spectacle.


The festival has no operating budget and is funded entirely through the generosity of local businesses/sponsors.  The overall criteria is strictly that all the monies raised through donations go directly to charity therefore sponsorship of the event is critical to cover the costs. 


Without contributions made by individuals, companies and organisations listed below, none of this would have been possible.  They are the ones that helped to bring the fantastic, fun, vibrant, wonderful experience that is created on the day.  It is they who have helped the community of Bradford to come together, to take pride in our diversity and celebrate all that is good about our multicultural city.   It is their invaluable support that has helped our Lord Mayor to raise the incredible amounts that have been raised.  They truly deserve a BIG THANK YOU!


So... it is with a heart filled with immense pride that we say our BIG THANK YOU! to the following companies, organisations and individuals for helping to make such a difference:

The Unsung Heroes

Behind the scenes is an amazing team of volunteers who give up large amounts of their time to make this event happen.  Together they organise, source, plan, market, find funds for and promote everything to do with the festival.  One day is hard enough, but three?  WOW!!  It is therefore with great honour that we give recognition to the following unsung heroes without whom, this incredible community event would not be possible:

Cllr Dale Smith - Chair - Bradford Dragonboat Festival Committee

Cllr Joanne Dodds - Vice Chair -  Bradford Dragonboat Festival Committee

Cllr Angela Tait - Secretary - Bradford Dragonboat Festival Committee

John Galt - Bradford Dragonboat Festival Lead

Razwana Mahmood - Team Liaison & Communications

Anneliese Fothergill - Team Recruitment

Heather Wilson - Volunteers

Gail Dingham - Acts, Performers  and Finance

Umran Ajaib - Marketing

Justin Booth - Logistics

Nichole Stott/Gemma Cain/Katya Coldwell - Youth Day

Gemma Cain - Sponsorships & Social Media

Nirmal Bassi - Stall holders and Traders

Louise Clarke - Training

Race The Dragon Ltd. - Festival Delivery

For more information, please read the great article in  The Bradford Review.

Festival Partners:

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Festival Sponsors - 2018:

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Theia Drone Services
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