June 2021: Date TBC

2020 Festival Update


Members of the Bradford Dragonboat Festival Committee have taken the very difficult decision to cancel the Dragon Boat Festival 2020 in all its format after taking into consideration COVID-19 concerns/restrictions, government advice, financial impact (both on participating teams and the Festival), availability of volunteers/organisers, Saltaire Festival’s plans and availability of infrastructure and much, much more.  Instead, all the teams will automatically be moved to the 2021 Dragon Boat Festival and we will focus on the planning of that event in June 2021. The exact dates for next year’s Festival will be announced in due course. If you do not wish to participate next year or have queries regarding registrations/payment then please contact Race the Dragon direct: Raise a support ticket 

The current emergency situation has meant that the Council has taken the decision not to change the Lord Mayor.  This means that Cllr Doreen Lee will remain as Lord Mayor and we will continue to support the same charity in 2021 (Child Bereavement UK & Pot of Gold).  This is excellent news because we know this meant a lot to the teams raising money for the Festival.  With all the sad news around COVID-19, the need to support those suffering bereavement is even higher than before.  So, let’s do it team!  Let’s work really hard for 2021 and raise loads of money for these worthwhile causes including the superb charities who take part in the multi-charity championship to name but a few Bradford Hospitals Charities, Bradford District Care Charity, MacMillan, Cancer Support Yorkshire, Leeds Cares. All these charities need our support more than ever so they can continue to support each and every one of us in times of difficulty.  You have plenty of time to do it and being under lockdown is no excuse! 


Take inspiration from our very own Keighley lad, Captain Tom Moore, who raised tens of millions for our fantastic NHS at the wonderful age of 100…. all whilst in lockdown!  Come up with your own unique ideas for fund raising and share them via social media.  Inspire and encourage your team mates as well as others and let us see what we can achieve as one big team - #TeamBradford

Be part of the team that leaves a lasting positive impression and a ‘poke’ in the eye of COVID-19 that has tried so hard to destroy 2020.  Sprinkle your own magic and display the Great British spirit through the various social media platforms. 

The Bradford Dragonboat Festival Committee

15 May 2020

The City of Bradford will once again deliver three days amazing of festival fun where an estimated 40,000 people attended the Bradford Dragon Boat Festival.

Friday:  Youth Championships Daytime & Evening events

For full details please click CLICK HERE.

Saturday:  The Lord Mayor's Festival. 

Teams racing are raising money for the two charities chosen by the Lord Mayor.  They are:


  • ​Child Bereavement UK

  • The Pot of Gold Appeal


The money raised will be split 50/50 between the two charities. 

For more information please CLICK HERE.

Sunday:  The Multi Charity Festival.  

Teams competing in this event can nominate their own team charity.  The only requirement is that all charity's nominated must be registered with the Charities Commission.

For more information please  CLICK HERE.