The Multi Charity Championship 2018 

Sunday 24th June 2018   10:00am - 5:00pm

Day three of the 2018 Bradford Dragon Boat Festival followed on after the successful introduction of a separate day in 2017.  (To read about previous Bradford Dragon Boat Festivals, scroll over 'Previous Festivals' in the menu).

The main difference between The Lord Mayor's Festival (day 2) and this event is that teams entering this event are able to nominate and fund raise for their own team charity.  Likewise, registered local, regional and national charities are able to promote this day to all their supporters and get teams entering to support them - a definite WIN-WIN situation for each charity as they are able to benefit from the fund raising success of a dragon boat festival without having to incur the costs, the risk or the time to organise an event of their own.


The Multi-Charity Championship Teams for 2018